Why Do They Refuse Credit?

Each of us, who has ever faced a shortage of money and the search for a solution to this problem, most likely applied to the bank for a loan – as the most obvious way out. And like many others did not receive the approval of the application. To this, ( more… )

Broken Credit History

If you are not given a loan, mentioning that you have a damaged credit history, and you think that this is a mistake, you may need to analyze the good faith in fulfilling your financial obligations to the state. Check all your utility payments, whether they are carried out correctly, ( more… )

Different Goals of Payday Loan

To take a loan to an Payday Loan does not necessarily indicate the reason, but most often people are not shy about sharing this information with their creditors. And the Payday Loan, in turn, may collect this data for statistics and in the future develop products that are more suitable ( more… )